Gelbes Elend is an independent press revolutionizing literature. Modern technology has completely altered how we consume the written word, yet publishing companies remain in the 20th Century. By investing in Gelbes Elend Press, you become a part of the future of literature.

Business Model

Creative Commons And Crowdfunding

Gelbes Elend publishes original stories in the creative commons. They are free to read and disseminate with appropriate attribution. These initial properties are then used to launch crowd funding campaigns for other works in the same universe, such as sequels, prequels and games.

For example: Writer Juan Rico writes a collection of military sci-fi short stories. Before its publication, he also prepares a story board for a novel based in the same universe.

Gelbes Elend then publishes the collection with its own website and across various platforms such as Wattpad, Kindle Unlimited, etc. where it is used to advertise a Kickstarter campaign for the novel. Funds from the Kickstarter pay the writer as he finishes the novel and publishes it, too, for free.

Partner Writers

At Gelbes Elend, our writers are partners if they want. We know it’s daunting to publish your first work without payment, so those writers interested in this business model can receive shares of the company as an advance.

Worlds Await

We chose our motto for a reason. At Gelbes Elend, we don’t just publish books and games, we create worlds. This is the foundation of our business model. Deep worldbuilding that can provide for an array of assets across various media.

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